Disrupting High-End Gas Analysis

Gasera Ltd, a Finnish high tech company, was formed for helping to solve major global challenges. Our mission is to protect the environment and make industry more efficient. We do this by delivering unique high performance gas measurement solutions.

We manufacture and sell cutting edge measuring equipment that enables reliable analysis of toxic gases. By measuring harmful gases precisely and in real-time with our equipment, our customers ensure the safety and wellbeing for the public. Our solutions help also industries in becoming more efficient by improving their production processes.

Our patented core-technology provides outstanding performance and low cost of operation. It enables real-time air pollutant measurements and replaces slow offline laboratory sampling. Furthermore, the unique feature of our technology is that it can be miniaturized and maintain high performance enabling future opportunities in smart homes, safety and security .

The technical know-how along with ownership of the intellectual property rights guarantee that all Gasera products meet the high demands of today’s measuring equipment market.

In today’s offering Gasera’s products can be divided into three categories; gas analyzers, FTIR accessories and customized OEM systems. They have all been developed striving to make ultimate performance measuring devices that enable real-time monitoring in extreme conditions.

On-going process in providing new measurement solutions

On the journey towards the long-term goal of becoming the leading provider of hand-held multi-gas analyzers for smart homes, safety and security, Gasera has overcome the common drawbacks in gas measurement solutions, thanks to the inventive use of principles such as photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS), Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL).

A step closer to the goal, our role in research and development has turned into a commercialized line of products available to international customers. With pride over these accomplishments and an inherent passion for more, Gasera is looking at rapid growth and ongoing progress in providing measurement solutions beyond what others consider possible.

Gasera is a family owned business and originates from the life work of physics professor Dr. Jyrki Kauppinen. Please read the full story here.