• Multi-gas monitoring solution
  • Class leading performance
  • Unbeatable price

Multi-gas monitoring with GASERA ONE PULSE

The flexible and easy to use multi-gas monitoring solution is based on Gasera’s revolutionary patented infrared photoacoustic technology offering class leading performance at unbeatable prices.

Due to its ability to measure almost any gas that absorbs infrared light, it can be used in several applications such as animal husbandry, fume hood performance testing, emissions monitoring of greenhouse gases, occupational health and safety, photocatalysis, refrigerant leakage, SF6 leakage, soil analysis, tracer gases and waste anesthetic gases.

Detection limits and selectivity

Gasera’s patented cantilever enhanced photoacoustics ensures extremely high sensitivity with detection limits in the ppb region.

GASERA ONE PULSE technical concept

Selectivity is achieved through the use of up to ten optical filters with narrow spectral bands for target and interfering gases. Unlike in conventional NDIR systems, the analysis in GASERA ONE PULSE is based on a chemometric model of the sample’s response to all the signal channels of optical filters. This advanced algorithm ensures the unmatched selectivity especially towards ambient water vapor that is known to be a major problem for many existing gas monitoring solutions.

Configuration options

Different applications require a different set of target gases. This is achieved with the selection of an appropriate set of optical filters for each unit. Some applications require field use. For this, a portable enclosure option is available with battery-powered operation.

Gasera One portable

For some applications multi-point sampling possibility increases the monitoring capabilities significantly. This is achieved by a well synchronized multi-channel system drawing air-samples through tubing from up to 16 different points according to an automated and programmable sampling sequence, and delivering the samples to the monitor.

gasera one multipoint sampler

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