Gasera searches gas measurement and testing co-operation

Gasera is launching a co-operation campaign for its university contacts globally. The main purpose of the campaign is to further strengthen both research and development activities with universities. Gasera is currently searching for researchers and scientists, who work with HVAC technology, environmental technology and automotive testing. Gasera would like to start co-operation with researchers specializing in indoor and ambient air quality gas measurements.

“Providing our latest technology to researchers, gives us an opportunity to receive their feedback on our products, which plays a huge role in developing our next generation products”, says Dr. Juho Uotila, Chief Research Officer of Gasera.

Juho Uotila, Chief Research Officer of Gasera

Internet of Things effects also to gas measurements

In addition to changes in regulatory environment, the Internet of Things has a huge effect on the measurement processes in the future.  Due to the possibilities provided by IoT, the whole gas and air analysis industry develops fast. The purpose of the co-operation is to bring latest gas measurement technologies for universities. In addition, co-operation enables to share the latest theoretical findings and knowledge and technical development between both parties.

 “Universities receive a great opportunity to update their gas measurement instrumentation and start testing well known toxics such as formaldehyde with detection limits, that they have never tested before”, Uotila continues.

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