Electrolux Innovation Factory

On 30 October, a selected group of companies funded by the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot will present their solutions to Electrolux at the Innovation Factory, a collaborative space which serves as the Electrolux Group’s hub for innovation with external partners. Gasera Ltd. was one of the 14 companies selected to attend this exclusive event.

Located at Electrolux manufacturing site in Porcia, northern Italy, the Electrolux Innovation Factory facilitates alliances between suppliers, customers, incubators, startups, universities, SMEs, and other business partners to accelerate innovation projects. The facility also includes demonstration and test areas for both product and process solutions.

Gasera Ltd. will have the opportunity to share its visions and showcase its innovations in the field of IAQ and smart homes to Electrolux managers and network with fellow SMEs.

The initiative will be hosted by Electrolux Open Innovation, whose purpose is to identify new business opportunities across the entire value chain of the company and support the transformation of external innovation into tangible solutions for the company.