Development towards gas analysis in elevated temperatures is supported by an FP7 -project

Gasera is a partner in an EU -funded research project titled “Universal Gasification Process Analyser for Bio Mass and Organic Waste Treatment” with a project acronym: GasPro-Bio-Waste. The kick-off meeting of this 2-year research project was held in the Netherlands on 19-20 of January 2011.

One of the most promising “green processes” for power and combined heat generation is the production of hydrogen and biogas by gasification of biomass or organic waste. Especially if the tremendous amount of existing organic waste can be used for gasification, these processes become both, ecologically and economically extremely interesting.

This project will produce an universal gasification processes analyser allowing an experimental simulation of industrial gasification processes in laboratory scale and providing various kind of high temperature sensors for process use at all scales. It will be an essential step to optimise current processes and develop new ways of combined heat and power generation for all kind of existing organic waste and bio mass.

The goal of this project is a new laboratory gasification process analyzer including several new in Situ high temperature concentration sensors for process application in a broad temperature and pressure range. The analyzer consists of a gravimetric pyrolyzer to determine the time dependent reaction rates of gasification processes under industry-oriented conditions and a following catalyser unit for gas refinery treatment investigation. For high temperature concentration sensors different optical methods like UV/VIS, NIR, Raman and FTIR spectroscopy will be applied and several electro ceramic and piezo electric sensors for impedance, thermal conductivity, heat capacity, VOS and calorific value will be developed.

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Gasera joins the efforts in enhancing the competitiveness of European winemakers

Gasera joins the efforts in enhancing the competitiveness of European winemakers by a EU funded research project, giving them a much-needed edge in an increasingly high-competition arena. By combining optical on-line measurement techniques and adaptive calibration methods, the novel VITISPEC application will enable wineries to effectively monitor the wine production process. The project kick off meeting was held in Castelldefels, Spain – September 16th and 17th 2010.

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Gasera is nominated for the SENSOR INNOVATION AWARD 2010 by the AMA Association for Sensor Technology

Nominations for SENSOR Innovation Award 2010

For the 10th time, the AMA Association for Sensor Technology presents its 10,000 international SENSOR Innovation Award at its trade fair, the SENSOR+TEST (18 to 20 May 2010 in Nuremberg).

Gasera Ltd. is among one of the three nominated candidates with the submission: “Hand-Held FTIR-PAS Gas Analyzer for the Detection of Toxic Chemicals in the Safety and Security Application Utilizing the Novel Ultra-Sensitive MEMS Cantilever Sensor

On 18 May 2010 the AMA Association for Sensor Technology will present the SENSOR Innovation Award during the opening ceremony of the association’s trade fair, the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg.

Contact AMA:
Dr. C. Thomas Simmons
AMA Fachverband für Sensorik e.V.
Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 15 / 14059 Berlin GERMANY

Tel. +49 30 22190362 -0 / Fax +49 30 22190362 40 /

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Gasera helps in improving the european beer quality

Malting barley and brewing industries are cornerstones in Europe. The beer processing industries require premium malting quality to reach subsequent high quality end product.

However, parameters currently used for assessing malting quality are complex and based on methods such as visual appraisals and chemical analysis that are not always accurate, time and labour intensive, prone to operator interpretation, etc. OPTIMALT project aims at overcoming these limitations by developing a rapid and reliable on-line tool for assessing the malting quality of barley using automated optical analysis. It will thus contribute boosting the competitiveness of European brewing sector as well as malting barley supply chain.

OPTIMALT is a 3 year R&D Project funded by EU’s Seventh Framework Programme “Research for SME associations”. The OPTIMALT consortium is composed by 11 industry partners and 3 RTD performers altogether representing 6 European Member States and Turkey.

Visit our project page for more information.


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Gasera is a parner in 2 year EU funded R&D project called ZERO-VOC

ZERO-VOC is a 2 year R+D Project that is being funded by EU’s Seventh Framework Programme under “Research for SMEs” Strict limits have been set for volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions due to their direct and indirect effects on the environment and the potential risk to human health.
In environmental analysis, one of the most challenging and still unresolved needs is the reliable measurement of (VOC).

It is typical for many really harmful VOCs to be present at low concentrations and consequently the emission limits for these compounds are also very low.

ZERO-VOC project aims to develop an affordable and reliable tool for on-line monitoring of harmful and toxic VOC emissions, which will be applied for its use in several demanding gas measurements (VOC emissions). The ZERO-VOC system is based on utilizing novel cantilever sensor based PhotoAcoutic Spectroscopy (PAS) combined with Fourier TranssForm InfraRed (FTIR).

The ZERO-VOC consortium is composed by 7 industry partners and 3 RTD performers from 4 European Member States and Turkey.

For more information, please visit the project-page.


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