Indoor Air 2018

Meet Gasera Ltd. and our Senior Sales Manager Michael Vecht in Indoor Air 2018 in Philadelphia 22nd to 27th of July. Michael will showcase two Gasera analyzers for indoor air quality measurements.

GASERA ONE FORMALDEHYDE is optimized for monitoring low levels of formaldehyde in ambient air.

GASERA ONE PULSE is a multi-gas monitoring solution, which can be used in several applications such as animal husbandry, fume hood performance testing, emissions monitoring of greenhouse gases, occupational health and safety, photocatalysis, refrigerant leakage, SF6 leakage, soil analysis, tracer gases and waste anesthetic gases.

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N-Expo 2018

Meet Gasera at N-Expo in Tokyo Japan at 21-25th of May 2018. Gasera will have its own built-up booth at EU Pavillion. The Pavillion is arranged by EU Gateway Business Avenues, who helps European companies to establish businesses in Asia.

Meet our Michael Vecht at Gasera booth showcasing our GASERA ONE analyzers optimized for environmental monitoring. Please book a meeting by sending a mail to

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GASERA expands its operations to Germany

Gasera expands its operations in Germany and opens a local sales office at Nürnberg. Gasera’s new office will be headed by Mr. Thorsten Knauf. Before joining Gasera, he was was working many years in sales and business development with gas sensing devices in Central Europe. Mr. Knauf’s vast experience in photoacoustic spectroscopy and networks will help Gasera’s success and further development in Central European market.


“Joining Gasera is a great opportunity for me personally to be part of the market enabler story and work with the technology leader in the field”, says Mr. Knauf.

“Last months successful launches and go to market operations of both GASERA ONE SHED and GASERA ONE FORMALDEHYDE in US market got us exited also on the European market opportunity at our fingertips. Our new local German office enables us to serve our European customers faster and enables us to visit our customers more often. We are pleased to get Mr. Thorsten Knauf joining to Gasera team as of now. Please join us in welcoming him”, says Dr. Ismo Kauppinen, the CEO of Gasera.

Gasera Nürnberg office was opened at the 2nd of May 2018. More information, please contact:  / +49 (0)170 1415819 / +358 40 759 0329

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Analytica 2018


We’re looking forward to seeing you in Munich at Analytica 2018! Please come and visit us to learn more about our products and new research activities. Meet our Senior Client Partner Arto Branders at Analytica 2018 at the Soliton GmbH booth #A1-400.

Arto will run you through two product showcases.  GASERA ONE and PA201 are displayed at the Soliton booth.



GASERA ONE is designed for reliable ppb-level trace gas monitoring. It holds a potential for countless application areas, such as air quality monitoring, automotive emissions monitoring, greenhouse gas monitoring, border security and occupational safety.


PA201 is tailorable for different types of light sources.  For example near infrared distributed feedback laser (DFB), the quantum cascade laser (QCL) and the optical parametric oscillator (OPO). The main application for PA201 is trace gas analysis.

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Pittcon 2018

The Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, United States, 27 February – 1 March 2018

Meet Gasera sales and marketing team in Pittcon 2018 

Please come and visit us at our booth #3173. We would like to talk with you about new market and application opportunities. Since last year, we have launched the GASERA ONE SHED which focuses on automotive evaporative emissions monitoring. And we have worked further with the GASERA ONE FORMALDEHYDE indoor air quality monitoring.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit us and hear more!

Gasera presentations at Pittcon 2018

Our CEO, Dr. Ismo Kauppinen, will have two presentations in Pittcon 2018. On Monday 26th, starting at 15:05 in room 308D, he will have a presentation about Monitoring Low Levels of Ammonia in the Ambient Air. On Tuesday 27th, starting at 13:00, he will open our automotive business in a presentation Monitoring Evaporative Emissions of Ethanol in Automotive Industry.

If you have any further questions or if you want to schedule a meeting at Pittcon 2018, please send us an e-mail to

We are looking forward to meeting you in Orlando!

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Looking back at the year 2017

The Christmas season is starting and it is a good time to retrospect the year 2017.  In the beginning of the year 2017, we made a strategic decision to focus on three areas. We started to focus more on automotive, air quality measurements and clean room contamination. Now, at the end of the year, we may proudly say, that the decision was right. We managed to launch new products during the year 2017 for two of these focus areas. Together with product launches we opened new businesses and applications for our GASERA ONE platform. It has been a busy and an intriguing journey for the whole company.

Two new product launches and many exhibitions in the year 2017

We launched our GASERA ONE FORMALDEHYDE at Pittcon in March 2017. We started to sell it for both indoor and ambient air quality measurements right after the launch. There are a lot of new opportunities for this product in the near future. It is linked to several applications such as fence-line, biogas plants, new buildings, wood products, ambient air quality, indoor air quality and occupational safety. Coming to the latter half of the year, we noted that the word-of-mouth was starting work well for us. We started to receive new co-operation proposals through our networks and have already signed new partnerships. We received new measurement suggestions that we did not even think about in the first place.

The other product, the GASERA ONE SHED, was launched in October 2017 at the Automotive Testing Expo in Michigan. It monitors ethanol and 3 other gases simultaneously. We gathered some really promising feedback and test results during autumn concerning the product-market-fit. In addition to automotive and air quality measurements, we have started both co-operation projects and customer testing in the semiconductor industry.

During the year, we participated in many trade shows and gained experiences from exhibitions all around the world. We succeeded beyond our expectations in many occasions when it comes to the amount of new contacts and co-operation agreements. We are working in an industry where personal relationships matter and thus we will continue to focus on our local presence and events also in 2018. Our next year’s first exhibition will be the Photonics West in San Francisco. The main event for us in the first half of next year is Pittcon 2018 in Orlando. We hope to see you there!

Distribution development and research focus

We managed to achieve closer connections to several new countries in Europe and in Asia through our new distributor agreements. We sent our teams to distributor and customer sites to help them to get started with our equipment. In many cases, this turned out to be a successful way of working for both parties. While strengthening our distributor network in Europe and in Asia, we still see the importance of the American continent and the importance of the US market for us. The US reference from regulatory perspective or from major customer perspective plays a great importance to us and sharing our message further. During the year, we started to work together with new partners also in the US.

Our research and development team have made a lot of effort in taking advantage of the IoT in high end gas monitoring. We have focused on cloud based services and on developing Gasera’s pay-per-measurement business model. In addition to our own development projects, we have participated in several EU funded projects this year. The major achievement was a successful completion of the IRON project, which developed instrumentation for monitoring of toxic gases in cargo containers. The project gave good insights for our future development concerning instrument miniaturization and performance optimisation of multi-gas monitoring.  In 2018 our research and development team will take major steps towards our long term goal of bringing high performance hand held multi-gas monitors to consumers.

Gasera wishes You a Merry Christmas

Pleasant moments, great discussions and fast development over the year made it possible for us to reach our goals in 2017. Our solutions ensure the safety and wellbeing for the public and help industries to improve their production efficiency. These in mind, we continue to build the Gasera story in 2018. Now it starts to be a time to relax for a while, to have some time at home with families and friends.

On behalf of the whole Gasera team, wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Dr. Ismo Kauppinen, CEO of Gasera Ltd.

Gasera wishes Merry Christmas 2017
Click the picture watch our Christmas e-card
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Photonics West 2018

The Moscone Center San Francisco, California, United States, 27 January – 1 February 2018

Please come and visit us at Photonics Finland pavilion booth #4365

Please come and visit us at the Photonics West 2018. We would like to discuss with you more about photoacoustic laser spectroscopy and real-time gas monitoring. You will meet our laser spectroscopy expert Dr. Tuomas Hieta at our booth #4356. He will tell you more about our solutions for indoor and ambient air quality measurements.

If you have any questions or you want to schedule a meeting at Photonics West 2018 please send us an e-mail today to .

We are looking forward to meeting you in San Francisco!

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Gasera searches gas measurement and testing co-operation

Gasera is launching a co-operation campaign for its university contacts globally. The main purpose of the campaign is to further strengthen both research and development activities with universities. Gasera is currently searching for researchers and scientists, who work with HVAC technology, environmental technology and automotive testing. Gasera would like to start co-operation with researchers specializing in indoor and ambient air quality gas measurements.

“Providing our latest technology to researchers, gives us an opportunity to receive their feedback on our products, which plays a huge role in developing our next generation products”, says Dr. Juho Uotila, Chief Research Officer of Gasera.

Juho Uotila, Chief Research Officer of Gasera

Internet of Things effects also to gas measurements

In addition to changes in regulatory environment, the Internet of Things has a huge effect on the measurement processes in the future.  Due to the possibilities provided by IoT, the whole gas and air analysis industry develops fast. The purpose of the co-operation is to bring latest gas measurement technologies for universities. In addition, co-operation enables to share the latest theoretical findings and knowledge and technical development between both parties.

 “Universities receive a great opportunity to update their gas measurement instrumentation and start testing well known toxics such as formaldehyde with detection limits, that they have never tested before”, Uotila continues.

Further information about the campaign, please contact:

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