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IRON – Horizon 2020 EU-project

The aim of the project is to develop and commercialise the IRON high performance handheld device for gas measurements. Achieving laboratory grade performance for sub-parts per billion (ppb) gas detection […]

MUSE-Tech – EU-project

The concept of MUSE-Tech project is the integration of three High-End sensing technologies Photoacoustic Spectroscopy, Quasi Imaging UV-Vis Spectrometry and Distributed Temperature Sensing in a versatile Multi Sensor Device (MSD), […]

SOCKS – TEKES-project

SOCKS is a project inside the HyperGlobal consortium funded by TEKES’ Arktiset Meret program. The aim of the consortium is to develop and commercialise high performance gas sensing solutions for […]

DOGGIES – EU-project

Border security is one of the key security challenges to be taken up by Europe in the following years. In particular, the deployment of practical efficient means to detect hidden […]

CUSTOM – EU-project

Law enforcement agencies world-wide are keenly aware that chemical control is a crucial element to controlling the manufacture and distribution of illegal narcotics and synthetic substances. For this purpose one […]

OPTIMALT – EU-project

The malting process is the first stage of beer production. It transforms the barley into malt through a germination process that needs to be well controlled. The quality of the […]

VitiSpec – EU-project

The VITISPEC project is a 2 year industry driven research and development project that is being funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme under ‘Research for SME – Associations’. […]

Zero-VOC – EU-project

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are released, for instance, from organic solvents emitted from industrial processes. VOC emissions can be carcinogenic, and contribute to climate change and destruction of the stratospheric […]

GasPro-Bio-Waste – EU-project

One of the big current and future problems is the instability and finite nature of fossil fuel supply. Beside the steadily rising crude oil and natural gas prices, in particular […]

Pro-Bio HySens – EU-project

Process gas analysis for bio and hydrogen gas mixtures using new high pressure in Situ sensors The goal of the project is the development and combination of sensors for measuring […]