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Did you know that you might have headache because of formaldehyde in indoor air?

Most of us feel dizziness and headache sometimes. Unfortunately, growing number of people have symptoms that are not easily explained by the seasonal influenza or viruses. Could the reason be in indoor air quality?

Looking back at the year 2017

The Christmas season is starting and it is a good time to retrospect the year 2017. In the beginning of the year 2017, we made a strategic decision to focus on two new product launches.

Testing the GASERA ONE in South Korea

We, from Gasera’s Customer Experience team, Maria and Sauli, visited our partner in South Korea in mid November. Our partner recently ordered a few Gasera gas monitors. Thus the main goal […]

Opening the door for automotive testing

The Automotive Testing Expo is the place for companies to introduce a new testing equipment and new technologies for automotive professionals. The expo is arranged at Novi, a suburban district of […]

Can cars create air pollution even when they are parked?

Evidently, cars are one of the biggest causes of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. There are plenty of studies illustrating the variety of car pollutions and how they affect to […]


Climate change is a serious environmental threat of today. Increasing gas emissions are an imminent result of the human activities caused by social, economic and technological changes. The greatest sources […]


Formaldehyde is normally present in various environments, in both indoor and outdoor air. Though formaldehyde is all around us, the full effect of exposure to even small amounts of formaldehyde is […]

Drug precursors detection – prototype demonstration

EU FP7 Project CUSTOM – Prototype for drug precursor detection Detection of drugs and drug precursors, based on laser photoacoustic spectroscopy and opto-chip UV-ViS-NIR Fluorecense principles, has been developed in […]

PhD Thesis announced

Gasera’s Client Partner Jaakko Lehtinen announced his PhD thesis today: “Detection of illicit drugs and drug precursors with cantilever-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy”. This was right away recognized very well by the […]